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Winter Lighting Challenge 2013-2014, Golden Hour Portrait

Well, this week has been a busy one, indeed!  I decided to pick up an additional project that will “allow” me to continue taking photographs once the Winter Photo Challenge is over in April.  It is the 52 week photo project; you can learn a little more about that “here.”  However, I still have to complete the photo for Week 9 of the Winter Lighting Challenge with Photography Awesomesauce.

This week’s challenge was to take a “Golden Hour Portrait,” which for me turned out to be a blanket of cloud portrait, despite the “slightly cloudy” forecast from our local news station.  Oh well.  My husband helped me out this time, snapping the picture for me.  We went to a pond nearby our home to capture this image.  I chose to make it a Self Portrait because it had been a little while since I was in front of the camera and thought it was about time for another one.  🙂  We also went to a local park for some other photos, but it was just past the “Golden Hour” time frame so we HAD (can you hear the enthusiasm?) to use the on camera flash.  To me the flash images seem a little flat but they are otherwise lovely.  What matters is that I am happy with them.  I hope you like them, too.

This one is my Challenge entry

I had just turned to say something to my husband when he hit the shutter release! I don’t know why, exactly, I like it but I really, really do.

And finally at the park. In my opinion, today was a good day for me to be the subject…I was really gettin’ into it!

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