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About Us:

LemonShine Photography began in 2007 as a way for me to keep up with my growing family, while increasing our income. As we transitioned to homeschooling our children, it provided a flexible schedule that allowed me to provide for my family and also to serving others.

It has been 12 years since I began LemonShine Photography.  There have been times of great joy and times of great sorrow and regret.  Through it all, God has sustained my hobby and grown my talent.  We have moved and we have grown our family.  Photography has been placed on the back burner several times.  But my camera has never been too far away from my hand or my heart.

How We Got Our Name:

One day, early in our marriage, I was having a not-so-good day. My husband, possessing the sense of humor that he does, began asking me if I’d heard the latest news. Telling him that I had not, he proceeded to inform me that the nation was experiencing a shortage of lemons. I made a face of confused wonder, so he continued. “They” had been diligently researching this peculiarity only to be led to a small town in NC, in fact, our town. I narrowed my eyes. Indeed, not only had they traced the source of this shortage to our town, but to our road and more specifically, to our address! It wasn’t until these final details that I realized he was poking fun at me! I was forced to smile.  He has been a constant source of laughter ever since.

These days, he need only say the word ‘lemon’ to make me smile. And that joy that forces me to smile at the word lemon, that comfort drinking a glass of cold, homemade lemonade, that guilty delight of eating lemon meringue pie… that’s where we got our name. It is our desire to make you smile, too!