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Preparing for Your Newborn Session – Advance Preparation: Upon Your Photographer’s Arrival, 5 of 5 blogs

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Back in Advance Preparation: Weeks, I addressed having clothing for all individual’s being photographed prepared, along with extras.  This raises an excellent question, though, “What should we all wear?”  So I did a little research for you on that, too!  What I have found that seems to be the general consensus among photographer’s, although there is some variation, is listed below:


  • Nude, mostly
  • Christening gown
  • Monogrammed diaper cover
  • One or two other darling outfits that hold a special place in your heart or that you just adore.



  • Solid colored tee-shirts or polos (no graphics as they tend to attract attention to themselves rather than encouraging the viewer to adore the lovely little faces of those they adorn) *many photographers recommend a light color
  • jeans/khakis (shorts are fine)
  • Bare foot, if it suits your family’s personality


Mom & Dad:  

  • Solid white, short sleeve tee
  • Solid black, long sleeve tee (these will be used to create the beautiful hands holding baby photos.  They also help to keep attention drawn to baby in the resulting photograph)
  • jeans, khakis (preferably, no shorts)
  • Bare foot, if it suits your family’s personality


  • Here is where any color should enter the photograph, if it is going to be present.  Use belts, earrings, purses, hair accessories, shoes, etc…for adults.  Children might hold a ball or lollipop, etc…  But remember, these are supposed to be Newborn photos and too much bright color will detract attention from Baby, so this will not be the primary shot during the session.

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