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Preparing for Your Newborn Session – Advance Preparation: Day Of, 4 of 5 blogs

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Okay, for starters, I’d like to apologize.  I realize I am a week late sharing this post.  We have been out of town (and still are, in fact) helping with family matters.  I am very grateful to my Daddy for bringing my desktop to me, largely because it allows me to get these posts out to you!  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Secondly, I debated if I should mention delaying one feeding for the sake of keeping Baby awake just for a photo session.  But some of the photographers I have studied suggest doing this and it certainly would work, at least for a while (Baby would eventually cry himself to sleep).  I would highly recommend asking your Baby’s doctor if doing this would be harmful to your baby.  DO NOT DO THIS IF BABY WILL BE OR MAY BE HARMED, it is simply not an option in this situation.  If your selected photographer insists that you not feed your baby and you do not feel comfortable with this (or it is medically not safe) then perhaps you need a different photographer.  It may take more time and effort to settle Baby into a good sleep but if you have a skilled photographer he/she will have no problem taking that time and doing things so that Baby is safe and you are comfortable.  Besides, if you are a nursing mom, this could be painful.

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