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Whaaaaat?  I am kinda excited about this challenge.  Especially since I just found out that they not only give you challenges to Capture an image but also challenges to Edit an image.  So I’ll get good at taking AND editing.  Yippy!  All the better for future clients.

Now, just in case you missed my little post on Facebook yesterday, I have signed up to participate in two photo challenges this winter.  Each will have a challenge a week, so you should expect to see up to two new images from me each week.  And I am starting this week, right in the middle of each challenge.

This challenge is issued by  It is for a black and white still life.  I took several images but, honestly, most of them really don’t fit into the category of “Still Life” since I didn’t arrange the subject being photographed…like a bowl of apples.  However, I did get several lovely images.  I especially like the ones taken at the local coffee shop….even if they are a bit grainy.  Hope you enjoy them!

Wk38 Black and White 8667 WEB


Wk38 Black and White 8664 WEBWK38 Black and White 8661 WEBWk38 Black and White 8686 WEB

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