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Book vs. Movie | August 31, 2014

August is always a busy month.  With so much going on (wedding anniversary, school starting up, and this year, a prolonged move), there is little time for photography.  However, this past week, I have been having an allergic reaction to something that has given me a scratchy and sore throat and, lately, has brought on congestion, sneezing fits and watery eyes.  It’s very frustrating to try and carry on a conversation when you punctuate each and every sentence with a sneeze.  *excuse me *

Tonight, my husband took our son for some very much needed guy time, fishing.  My daughter sat and played x-box which she does relatively little of, so, since I wasn’t feeling good anyway, I just left her alone and let her play.  I laid in bed reading, taking cough and congestion meds and spraying the back of my throat with that horrid menthol spray so I could breath.  I’m excited for Mockingjay, due out November 21, 2014, so I’ve been reading The Hunger Games and watched the movies, too. (*I can’t read and watch them at the same time without hating the movie just a little bit for not being exactly like the book.  But, really, so much in the book would be inaccurate if they had tried to  create it in the movie the way it is written in the book.  So much of the book is Katniss’ thoughts to herself, it simply wouldn’t work in the movie…but it is crucial to understanding the environment of the story and why certain things are done.  The directors did and excellent ‘re-write’ to capture all of this in the movie without loosing the integrity of the book itself.  None the less, I do not recommend watching the movie immediately after reading the book.  It’s too easy to see all of the differences between the two and that is frustrating, to me at least.)  So I finished the first book, The Hunger Games, today and decided to start on the second, Catching Fire.  But not before picking up my camera to create a picture I ‘saw’ when I sat my book down to get a fresh drink.

For some reason, I placed my glasses between the pages of the book and plopped them down on my bed.  Seeing the temple tips hanging out from between the pages caught my attention and I wanted, immediately, to photograph it.  I also tried out a ‘new’ trick I was reminded of to soften the image a bit: I pulled an old pair of sheer, black panty hose over my lens and secured them in place before snapping my image.  So simple it seems silly.  I only edited one because I didn’t take many in the first place.  I couldn’t do this shot with a movie, I hope you like it




But, then, I thought I would try a crop on this image and came up with this, too.  And I think I like it better:


8532ESP BW Crop LOGO


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